Survey of doctoral students' university teaching skills 2 (after the course)

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There are 19 questions in this survey.
Questions on training in university teaching
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Have you already attended one or more university teaching courses? 
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What topics have you been trained in ?
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How many teaching-related training courses have you attended in the last 5 years? 
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If not, what are the reasons?
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Do you feel the need to train for university teaching roles ?
Questions about your teaching experience
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For each one of the following activities related to university teaching, estimate your level of feeling of competence. 
Organise course content
Identify content (objectives, training intentions, knowledge, skills, etc.)
Link educational research, teaching content and teaching methods
Plan all teaching and learning situations
Link teaching and learning situations with other learning outcomes (past, present and future) courses
Plan students' tasks and assignments
Observe learning progress
Prepare assessment tools and criteria
Prepare feedback tools
Use standard language appropriate to the context
Encouraging everyone to take actively part in discussions
Use information and communication technologies for teaching (ICTE) to achieve the learning outcomes.
Introduce the activities and instructions
Guide students through learning activities
Manage interpersonal relations in the classroom
Use a variety of relevant teaching and learning strategies
Offer a variety of learning strategies based on student differences
Value individual differences in motivations, interests and strengths
Collaborate with students
Collaborate with colleagues
Collaborate with institutional bodies
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Do you have any teaching responsibilities at present (or in the past)? 
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How long have you been in this position (teaching assistant, lecturer, professor) ? 
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How many hours do you spend teaching ?
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What were your concerns when you first started teaching ?
Preparing the course syllabus and structure
Mastering course content
The extent of the subject to be covered
Building relationships with students (keeping them interested and motivated)
Organising student participation
Being able to adapt to different levels of student
Worrying about making a wrong decision / not knowing how to answer questions
Being clear about learning outcomes
Time management
Learning assessment
Student assessment of your teaching
Do you have any other concerns about your role as a teacher ? 
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Would you be interested in carrying out a teaching position during your doctoral training and/or afterwards? 
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What are the reasons ?
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What are the reasons ?
Socio-demographic questions
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First and last name
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What is your field of study ?
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Your email address 
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